Full Class Diagram - Iteration 1

This diagram contains all of the classes and packages in one big diagram. It is available in ZUML as well as PDF.

Full Class Diagram - Iteration 2

A modified version of our full class diagram. [ ZUML | PDF ]

Entity Class Diagram

This diagram contains only the entity classes. It is basically the full class diagram with all other class types deleted. [ ZUML | PDF ]

Packages Diagram - Iteration 1

This diagram is more general than the full class diagram. It only contains the variuos packages that are in Mooch, with their dependencies. [ ZUML | PDF ]

Packages Diagram - Iteration 2

Added a new package. [ ZUML | PDF ]

State Chart

This is a stated chart for a screen sharing session. The start state of the diagram is two users having a conversation. Both sides of a session are contained in the one diagram. [ ZUML | PDF ]

Sequence Diagram

This is a sequenece diagram of logging on. It details the process from loginWindow to contactListWindow. [ PDF ]


Here are some detailed scenarios that go with our use cases. [ DOC | PDF ]