The Mooch SVN can be accessed on sourceforge

Here is some information about how our subversion is set up, and how to build, run and test Mooch.

Directory Layout

     The artifacts from each workflow, including worklogs

     The JUnit test cases for the Mooch source code

     The JAR files that Mooch needs to run and run the JUnit tests

Rapid Prototypes/
     Prototypes written during the inception phase of the project

     All the code for the main branch of Mooch development

How to Build, Run and Test

1. Make sure you have the latest stable version of Ant installed.
2. Navigate to the root Mooch subversion directory.
3. Run "ant javadoc" to generate the Mooch Javadoc It will be generated under build/Javadoc
4. Run "ant compile" to compile Mooch. The compiled .class files are placed under build/classes
5. Run "ant run" to run Mooch.
6. "ant clean" removes all ant-generated files.


The Mooch checkstyle file can be found here

The few errors that come up when checkstyle is run on the Mooch source are caused by autogenerated code from the NetBeans GUI builder.