Non-Functional Requirements

in order of priority

  1. Ease of Use / Usability
    Our most non-functional requirement is Usability. Mooch will be user friendly enough to be used by users who will be using it to receive remote help and thus possibly have rudimentary computer skills. In a cooperative environment, Mooch will be used for software training. If the program is difficult to use, then training can take a long time and be very costly. On a personal level, people enjoy a program that they can use without spending all their time in the manual or help index. Making Mooch user friendly will help with the productivity on the personal and cooperate level.
  2. Security
    Since Mooch will potentially be used in corporate environments for collaboration on company projects, it will use strong encryption and secure protocols. Also on the personal level, Mooch will be transferring images and files, which could contain personal or sensitive information being transferred across the connection. Using SSL sockets, we will be sending the data through a secure connection.
  3. Robustness and Speed
    Mooch will have to run on a wide range of connections speeds. It will include settings to reduce quality and update rate in order to function well on low bandwidth connections. We are ranked this low because our primary audience for this application will more than likely be running on high speed connections. Mooch will incorporate these settings though so that we can meet the needs of those on slower connections. Settings would include options such as adjusting image quality, audio quality, resolution, and refresh rate.