Friday, 01 September

» George added clipping and got the screen capturing code to work at faster than 10 frames per second on his laptop (~16 fps)
» Brandon got his SSL code to work, but is having problems with certificates » Cole presented the login window and got feedback for the future GUI's » Eric showed some working Jabber code » AJ had code that would successfully capture audio and play it back, but the code does not yet encode the audio yet.

Friday, 25 August

» George presented some screen capturing code
» Brandon spoke with Dr. Deligiannidis and decided to use SSL
» Eric reported that Jabber would be sufficient, and that we could probably use an existing server instead of running our own
» AJ was having trouble getting Java to recognize the PowerBook microphone, but will continue to work on code for Wednesday
» Cole had come up with a product logo and started the website
» We discussed the 1 page problem Statement
» Assignments were given

Wednesday, 23 August

» Picked team name: Neon, inc.
» Picked product name: Mooch
» Discussed features (with heirarchy)
» Discussed possible implementations
» Submitted Sourceforge project request
» Gave Assignments for Friday