NetBeans GUI Builder

Our first tool talk was on the NetBeans GUI builder. This is a very handy tool, and will be appreciated by all those who have programmed Swing by hand in the past. There are many options that ease the creation of your GUI, and there are some tips and tricks here that we found by experimenting a little.

Java 1.5/1.6 New Features

There were several language level additions in Java 1.5 which we discuss, but 1.6 wasn't as big a difference. There were some additional classes added, and some preexisting packages were updated. There were many additions to Swing, including the ability to control system tray icons. This allows you to have menus in the system tray for your program. The Java 1.5 details are located here.


Checkstyle is used to enforce strict style rules in your code. You may set rules for all kinds of things from commenting conventions to maximum lines per method or file. This will be used when grading your final project, so you should start using it soon. This tutorial will teach you how to install, setup, and run checkstyle.

One-to-Many Bidirecional Relation

In class, Dr. Miller discussed how to implement many relations. George had a different idea of how to handle the One-to-Many bidirectional relation, which can be found here.